COVID-19 & Practice updates

Wearing face masks

The government is advising that the public is to consider wearing face coverings in enclosed public spaces such as shops, when using public transport and visiting health settings including GP surgeries, to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. 

Darwen Healthlink is therefore promoting the use of face mask if at all possible when you attend the practice.  Further guidance on this can be found using the links below.


Guide on making your own face mask





safer travel for commuters
Safer travel with others 2
Safer travel with others 3


Prescribing Desk

From the 10/06/2020 the prescribing desk will now be open each day:


09:00-10:00am - 1 hour

17:00-18:00pm - 1 hour


This is to limit the amount  of patients attending the surgery at any one time and therefore reduce the risk of potential covid-19 infection rates

The phone lines will remain the same open from 10:00am-12pm and 14:00pm -16:00pm for queries.

The Reception Desk

Telephone lines and reception desk

08:00am -18:30pm


Please only attend for an appointment if you have received a telephone call and been invited in by the GP Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant. 

GP Practice One way system for social distancing

There is now a one way sysetm in operation at the surgery and social distancing measures are in place.

Patients will also notice protective screens are in place at the reception and prescriptions desks, these are purely to protect staff and patients to minimise infection risk.

Patients must follow the new system to abide by goverment social disctancing measures 

New message for Face to face appointments (PPE)

The new message is as follows:

"You have an appointment booked today at the surgery  and we ask that you wear a face covering, this can be a scarf or a face mask as a precautionary measure against Coronavirus.  Visit for more information about cloth face coverings".

Please note that the only way a Face to Face appointment can be made is by a clinician and you must have a telephone consultation prior


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